The Girl Inside my Head is Speaking A.E. Croft



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The Girl Inside my Head is Speaking  by  A.E. Croft

The Girl Inside my Head is Speaking by A.E. Croft
| Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 58 pages | ISBN: | 5.73 Mb

A compilation of fiction pieces by A.E. Croft written over the past few years.I wish I could pick a single theme, but in all honesty, they are all stand alone pieces and when you look at them together, it is as the title suggests: a bunch of random stories from the girl in my head. - CroftThis compilation features:The Little Things - A touching one-pager about a mothers fight against lung cancer from the perception of her young child.The Fountain of Youth - How the world looks to a daydreamer in one page.I Still Remember - An inspiring story about a young girls struggle to forget the horrors of her past.Decoyed - A short fantasy about a young boy who left home in search of adventure only to fall into the claws of an infamous band of thieves.Soul Mother - Two scouts are sent on a recon mission in the countrys most dangerous forest region, the Taravine.

When they get separated from the rest of the group, do they brave the rough winter conditions or turn back to face the punishment of desertion?NOTE: Decoyed and Soul Mother include characters and places found and described in the Immortal Zero series by A.E. Croft. The happenings in these short stories are in no way related to the events in the series. You do not have to have read or be reading the series to understand the events in the short stories.

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